Facial steam – Uses and its Pros & Cons

Facial steam – Uses and its Pros & Cons

Facial steam – Uses and its Pros & Cons

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Facial steam – Uses and its Pros & Cons – A woman always wants beautiful blonde and fennel skin. And to get it, she uses every way she thinks right. To improve her skin, she goes from home remedies to parlor.  We also make bleaching, clean-up and facial from time to time.

These are the ways in which we have to spend both money and time. Today we will tell you the way without any expense you will find beautiful skin. You have to resort to steam several times to avoid winter. Today we will know how we can make our skin better by steam.

What is Steam – Generally steam is water in the gas form. When water boils, it forms. Steam is invisible.

There are many uses of this like cooking vegetables, steam cleaning of fabrics, carpets and flooring, heating buildings, ironing cloths etc. These are domestic uses of steam bur increasing beauty, steam is very helpful too. According to beauty experts there are two way of using steam- for face and for hair.
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Facial Steam – When you let steam absorb into your face for several minutes it is called facial steam or facial sauna. You can done it by face steamer or a bowl of hot water. It is very hard to do it directly. We can use a towel or any cloth for it.

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Hair Steam – For doing this , people have a wet towel over their head and hair so that as much steam as possible is directed towards their hair and scalp. Generally it is useful to absorb hair oil into scalp and for extra shining hairs.

Benefits of Facial Steam-

    1. Removes toxins- Steam causes your skin to sweat and as a result lot of toxins are released. It open your pours so that dirt and bacteria can easily be removed when we use a scrub after that. On the top dead skin cells can be removed easily.
    2. Removes acne and blackheads- Steam can prevents acne , blackheads and whiteheads. Sebum forms blackheads and whiteheads . It is a natural lubricant of your skin. When it gets sticky because of its excess amount, blackhead is formed. By steam we can soften it and melt the sebum easily. Acne creates with clogged pores. With closed pours dirt can’t get out. Steam can open all the pores of skin.
    3. Good for dry skin- Steam is perfect for enabling nourishing and hydrating skin care product. It prevents dry skin. Steam gives natural moisture into skin deeply. After each facial steaming session, drink a few glasses of water it will re-hydrate your skin.

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  1. Stop signs of aging skin- Steam process makes a good flow of blood circulation of your face skin. When blood circulation is better , then your skin cells go healthy and you will get a wrinkle free skin. It creates natural tightness and rosy color for your skin.  Steaming gets more sweat. In sweating process many good nutrients and minerals absorb in outer layer of our skin, which is good.
  2. Gives relaxation- Steam is very common in relaxation method. In Ayurvadic treatment, steaming process has a necessary place. This process gives a healthy warmness which affects our body and brain.  We can add some oils (fragrance) too. It keeps healthy our breathing system too. So it is beneficial in sinus problems too. It cures cough and cold too, we all know that.

Disadvantages of Facial Steam-

    1. Excessive sweating – If your facial steam too frequently you could make your skin drier because of excessive sweating. So don’t go over board.
    2. Oily skin – Sometimes facial steam activates oil glands so badly. It can makes your skin  oily and sticky. Because of that you have to suffer with pimples too.

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  1. Over tanned – Heat of sun rays are causes of tanning. Just like that steam also delivers heat to your skin and excessive heat can cause tanned skin and premature aging signs.
  2. Skin irritation – Facial steam is not very good for combination and sensitive skin. It may create allergy, irritation and itching.
  3. Inflammation – Be careful while taking steam. It can cause of burning and inflammation.



Look beautiful with hair coloring Hair color facts and method

Look beautiful with hair coloring. Hair color facts and method

Look beautiful with hair coloring. Hair color facts and method

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Beautiful hair we all like. Long, dense, dark, silky hair are the choice of every woman. In this fashion environment, we are looking at new up Trends. New Experiences are seen in hair styling. Looking at the different ages, the color of the face and the type of hair, they are set differently. It is also used on the hair for its new look. Such As people whose hair is long, they can hair cut and whose hair are straight ,they can curl. Look beautiful with hair coloring Hair color facts and method

Hair is given a different style according to any event. As ever bun, sometimes ponytail and sometimes open hair is kept. Men also keep changing hair cut. Apart from this, if anything can be done in hairs, then it is hair coloring. They give a new look to the hair and make it stylish. In this article, you are going to give information related to hair color. Hope you find this information useful. Look beautiful with hair coloring Hair color facts and method

Coloring according skin color

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Dark skin-If the color of your skin is dark then do not choose light colors at all. Natural Black is the best for black and dusky skin. The hair of Indian people is black in color.

Fair skin– This skin is best for hair color because every type of color fits in.

Pale skin– Those people who have a light yellow color on skin, those dark hair colors will look good. These should avoid light hair color.

Pink skin-Ash tone hair color will look good on the Pink Skin. They should avoid red and golden colors.

Yellow skin-Yellow skin should avoid black and dark brown color, because of this their skin looks even more yellow.

Look beautiful with hair coloring. Hair color facts and method

Clothing and hair color-

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If you use red, orange, golden yellow, olive green color dress much more then you will have more golden hair, golden brown, strawberry blonde hair.If you like Blush Red, Royal Blue, Black and White colors, then you will look good on hair type hair colors like platinum, ash blond,ash brown, burgandi, jet black.
If you like red and purple clothes then you will love Sandy Blonde, Peach Blonded Chocolate Blond.

Eye color and hair color-
Blue eyes– Cool, natural and light blond.
Green eyes– Warm, golden blond shades or warm and intense reds.
Hazel eyes– light brown, light red.
Brown eyes– Medium to light brown.

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How to apply colors-
Things needed– color, developer, bowl and brush, towel, gloves, clock

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  1. Pour the color and the developer into a bowl and mix it well.
  2. Place a towel around your head to keep the color from dripping into your clothes.
  3. Wear gloves and apply vaseline around the hairline.
  4. Start from the hairline on the forehead.
  5. Take a small section of your hair and apply the color on this portion.
  6. Repeat it for all.Leave it on for stipulated period or 20 minutes.
  7. Then pull it to the tips with a wide comb.
  8. Leave the color on the end for no more than  minutes.
  9. Rinse- After the time period has elapsed rinse your hair thoroughly with tepid water till the water runs clear.
  10. Use conditioner for 2 minutes and then rinse it off.

Look beautiful with hair coloring. Hair color facts and method

Before coloring the hair

  1. Be sure that your hairs are in good condition.
  2. Use a hot oil hair treatment before coloring to nourish your hair.
  3. Avoid washing your hair right before coloring your hair.
  4. To wash your hair use clarifying shampoo and skip the conditioner.
  5. Don’t use 2 shades darker or lighter color to your natural color.
  6. Take a allergy test as per directions.

After coloring the hair

  1. To wash your hair after coloring wait at least 48 hours.
  2. Use hair color specific shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Protect your hair from sun rays.
  4. Use color gloss to bring out the best aspect.
  5. Don,t do coloring your hair once and then leaving it for six months.
  6. Maintain your hair color at home or visit salon.

Safety Rules-

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  1. A bad color job can cause hair to dry out and create breakage can be confused with hair loss. Make sure about it and stop coloring if it causes hairfall.
  2. Consult with your physician if you have any health concern.
  3. Because of hairfall your hair can be thin too. If this amount is much more then stop it.
  4. Dry hair may be much dryer.
  5. If you have sensitive skin or have allergy then every time take allergy test before coloring.

Hair color enhances the beauty of the hair, so you too change your hair with a new color and give them a new look. Just keep in mind some things so that you became beautiful and be beautiful.

Papaya : The best fruit for our skin

Papaya : The best fruit for our skin

Papaya  The best fruit for our skin

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Papaya  The best fruit for our skin. Hello friends, as we all know that nature have gave us all the things which are necessary to increase our beauty but we can’t find it and search the solution of our problems by other ways(chemicals). If we use cosmetics then it may be harmful but herbal things are pure and given by nature and that’s why it is a safe way to beautify our skin.

Today I want to tell you about papaya. It is not only tasty fruit but very cheap and easily available too. Today I will share some useful tips about papaya and after reading this article you will definitely eat papaya and use it for your skin too.

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Papaya  The best fruit for our skin

At first we know about papaya. Papaya is very nutritious fruit. It contains Vitamin C which is good for our skin. In addition it have Vitamin A, E and K which are good for our skin too. We should always eat it because it have calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and zink too in little amount. A raw papaya pulp contains 88% water.

How it is useful for our skin –

In this section I will share easy face masks of papaya.

    1. Mix well papaya pulp, cucumber juice and tomato juice in equal amount. When it dries, apply it again. Do it 5 times. Rinse your face with cold water after 20 minutes. Daily do it for 1 week. It will cure your rashes.
    2. Mash papaya pulp with milk and apply on your face. After 5 minute rinse it with cold water. This pack is helpful to light your black spots.
    3. Take a half cup of ripe papaya pulp, 2 tsp honey and mix it well. Apply a thin layer on face of it. Rinse it after ten minutes. It is very useful in pigmentation.
    4. Raw papaya pulp, milk powder, lentil powder and half tsp honey , mix well it’s. Apply it on face and massage gently then rinse. This scrub is very good to get flawless beauty.

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5.Take ripe papaya pulp and mix 10 -12 drops of lemon juice. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes and then wash it. It works for skin lighting.

6.Mash some papaya pulp with tomato pulp. Apply it on your face for 10 minutes after that wash it. This pack will reduce your marks and makes your skin brighter.

7.To reduce excess oil from your face mix papaya pulp with fullers earth powder and apply this pack on your face.

8.To get fair colour mix papaya pulp with sandalwood powder. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes and rinse well.

9.Add papaya pulp into rice powder and make a smooth paste. This face pack is very effective to remove blackheads to skins.

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Now we have known all the facts of papaya. Papaya is a blessing for our skin and it is very easy to use.  Papaya is not only good for our skin but it cares our health too.

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So let us know what is the benefit of it for our health-

  1. Constipation– It is great to stop problem of constipation. It keeps our digestive system healthy. After dinner eat some papaya cubes for few days and see the results.
  2. Breast Milk– It increases breasts milk in mothers.
  3. Stomach worms– Many children have the problem of worms in stomach. In that case give them seeds of papaya or make a paste of water.
  4. Piles– Eat both times papaya at a day about half of kg. It will cure both types of piles.
  5. High Blood Pressure– Patients of high BP should eat papaya daily.
  6. Diabetes– 20 gram papaya with 5 gram kattha and supari is good for diabetics.
  7. Immune system– Papaya contains Vitamin C, A, E and antioxidents which boosts our immune system and increases WBC.



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