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Skin care in rainy season

Skin care in rainy seasonKiya's Beauty Blog

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 Skin care in rainy season- Many of us think that summer season is not good for our skin. This season creates many types of problems for our skin like allergies, itching, sweating, rashes, pimples etc. and that is really true. Summer season gives a lot of problems to us and we care our skin in summers very much and wait for rainy season.

After a hot summer if rain drops comes to us then it is very calm and cool feeling for us. Everyone likes this happy season. We want to eat pakora with tea and want to wet in rains. When we enjoy this often we forget about our skin and hairs. Rainy season have a lot of humidity and that will becomes reason of skin problems. In this section I will share some useful tips for your skin.

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The main problems of this season are humidity, fungal infections, pimples, acne etc. In this article I will share how we can overcome by these problems.
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Skin care in rainy season

Types of skins-

  1. Normal skin– Normal skin is well balanced skin. Most of the people have normal skin. It is easy to maintain it. It is a healthy skin. In rainy season , the people of having normal skin should use face pack of fuller’s earth.(multani mitti) For scrubbing they can use moong dal scrub. it can easily made by soaked moong daal.
  2. Dry skin- Dry skin has less moisture. People with dry skin feel a tightness in face and their skin is often irritating. Almond and honey face pack is very good for this type of skin. It moisturize the dry skin very gently. For making this take 6-7 soaked almonds and grind properly. Mix it with some honey and apply.
  3. Oily skin- An oily skin have excess of oil on face. It feels greasy. It has a glossy shine and visible pores. Only natural scrubs are good for oily skin. Face pack of gram flour (besan) is good for this type of skin. Take 2 tsp gram flour, 1 tsp milk, 1 tsp honey and few drops of lemon and mix well. This pack will reduce extra oil from face. Warm water is also good for rinsing the face.
  4. Combination skin- This skin type is a mixture of oily and dry skin. Area of T-zone(forehead, neck and chin) feels oily and cheeks dry. In rainy season to secure our skin use remedies both of dry skin and oily skin.
  5. Sensitive skin- It is easily irritated skin. This skin often suffers with redness, rashes, stinging and burning. We should always use only natural packs and scrubs for this skin types and try to keep away from dust and impure water.

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In rainy season we should take care of some general tips too-

  • After outgoing wash proper your face.
  • Drink sufficient water to maintain ph level of your skin.
  • Use face wash with fruits extracts.
  • Don’t use heavy cream.
  • Try to avoid heavy make up.
  • Use tissue paper for cleaning skin in outdoor.
  • Don’t use harsh soap.
  • Massage with ice cube on face twice in a week.
  • Use sunscreen.
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