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Myth and facts of hair

Myth and facts of hair

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All of us, whether a boy or a girl, are very careful about our looks. Whether face or face We all want to show ourselves better and for this, we do all those things that we need to do. Today, we are talking about hairs, because many people are aware of them, and many people accept the truth as well as follow them.

Myth and facts of hair

Myth – By using the same shampoo, the hair starts getting worse.
Fact – Any shampoo will be the effect it has done for the first time on your hair, it will do the same every time. The same type of shampoo can be used just to suit your hair.

Myth – Dandruff increases with sleeping wet hairs.
Fact – Dandruff is caused by being dirty and hair dry and not sleeping with wet hair. But having a wet hair can lead to headache problems.

Myth – Hair cut will make hair dense.
Fact – The thickness of hair is due to roots, so after cutting the hair, it is not dense but it appears dense.

Myth – The more comb makes the hair healthy.
Fact – Combing is good for blood circulation, which helps keep hair good, but more comb can cause hair loss..

Myth and facts of hair

Myth – Two-headed hair stops growing.
Fact – Hair grows with roots, so all hair increases.

Myth – Tight ponytail increases hair.
Fact – Very tight ponytail can make hair roots weak.

Myth – After leaving a white hair, many white hair gets out.
Fact – Only one hair is attached to the root of every hair, so only one hair can come out on the hair removal process.

Myth – Massaging the head will not cause hair to fall.
Fact – Massage increases blood circulation and hair becomes beautiful but it has no relation to hair loss.

Myth – Hairs are falling due to sunburn.
Fact – Hair can lose its brightness due to sunlight, due to the fall of hair, its roots are weakening.

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Myth – Hair washing with cold water will not cause hair to fall.
Fact – Blood circulation with cold water keeps hairs fine but it does not relate to hair fall.

Myth – Applying hair jel turns hair white.
Fact – Applying more hair gel can make the hair weak, it does not have any relation with being white.

Myth – Everyday hair is falling, so you are going to bald.
Fact – Normally everyone’s hair falls somewhat, it is normal. On too much hairfall met the expert.

Myth and facts of hair

Myth – Applying Conditioner will not cause hair to be two headed.
Fact – Conditioner makes the hair soft and shiny, but the problem of two headed does not remove the problem.

Myth – Light dryer does not damage hair.
Fact – Dryer makes the skin of hair dry and dryness of hair also increases, so hair should naturally dry itself.

Myth – Hair shampoo will make hair fall more.
Fact – Shampoo cleans hair and does not have a problem like dandruff, but more shampoo can cause hair to dry, so Shampoo can do 2 or 3 times in the week.

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