How can we loose our weight easily?

How can we loose our weight easily?

How can we loose our weight easily?

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We all want to live a happy, healthy and fit life without any disease. Many of us aware about it and go to regular check ups too, that is very good. Today we are talking about a dangerous disease called Obesity. Yes, this is a disease and by this many other diseases may come in our body too .

To be a healthy and to be a fatty, are the different things. we should be aware about it that we are fit or fat and should maintain our weight.Today we will make you know that how can we loose our weight easily and fast. There are some basic and normal tips for you which are magical. They can remove your extra fat of body and give you excellent shape and confident.

How can we loose our weight easily?

Let’s know about the tips-
1.Cabbage- Cabbage is very good for those who want to loose his weight. If you drink daily a glass of cabbage juice, it will work on your metabolism and decrease your weight.

2.Sprouts- Taking sprouts is also a good option. Instead of oily breakfast we can have sprouts (moong, soyabeen, black grams). They are nutritious and give energy.

3.Desserts- A sweet dish have a lot of calories so try to avoid it.

4.Bread and Rice- These are the most common and favorite food of every home. Stop eating it. These increase your weight. You may eat brown rice and brown bread.

5.Lemonade- To loose weight have daily in morning a glass of lukewarm water with 2 tbs honey and lemon. It is very effective.

How can we loose our weight easily?

Kiya's Beauty Blog

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6.Green Tea- Often we take milk tea in morning, but it is not good for our digestive system. Green tea is better option for it. Take a cup of green tea before sleeping. It will work more effectively.

7.Light lunch- Many persons escape breakfast for loosing weight but it is wrong. If you don’t have breakfast, you will have double food in lunch. That will be a reason of your fat. Many persons think that “stop eating” is best option for this then after some times they become weak.

8.Chew your food- Many people having their meal fast but it is wrong. If you don’t chew your food properly it will digest late and may become fat. So proper chew your food.

9.Banana- Many people think that banana will increase their fat and they don’t eat it. Only banana is not responsible for your weight. We should eat banana for having important nutrition(vitamin C, Fiber, Biotin, Potassium ) .

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10.Heavy Dinner- It is the main factor of weight. Have your dinner before two hours of sleeping and it should be light. After dinner go to walk for 15 minutes. It will help to digest your food.

I hope after reading these remedies you will get rid off your fat without any workout. So make your daily routine chart properly and work according to it. Surly you will get magical results.



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